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    • Comparison of two sampling methods for biomonitoring using aquatic macroinvertebrates in the Dos Novillos River, Costa Rica 

      Stein, Heide; Springer Springer, Monika; Kohlmann, Bert (2008)
      Benthic macroinvertebrates are the most commonly suggested group of organisms for freshwater biomonitoring and have been extensively studied in temperate areas. On the other hand, the methodology and theoretical background ...
    • Fisico-química de las aguas superficiales de la Cuenca del río Rincón, Península de Osa, Costa Rica 

      Beita Sandí, Wilson; Barahona Palomo, Marco (2010-12)
      The Rincon River Basin is characterized by steep and rugged topography with outcrops of recent sediments as well as igneous and sedimentary rocks. The area is mostly covered by forest (Tropical Wet Forest) and agricultural ...
    • Widespread local chronic stressors in Caribbean coastal habitats 

      Chollett, Iliana; Collin, Rachel; Bastidas, Carolina; Cróquer, Aldo; Gayle, Peter M. H.; Jordán Dahlgren, Eric; Patterson, Heather M.; Koltes, Karen H.; Oxenford, Hazel A.; Rodríguez Ramírez, Alberto; Weil, Ernesto; Alemu I., Jahson B.; Bone, David; Buchan, Kenneth C.; Creary Ford, Marcia; Escalante Mancera, Edgar; Garzón Ferreira, Jaime; Guzmán Espinal, Héctor M.; Kjerfve, Björn; Klein Salas, Eduardo; McCoy, Croy; Potts, Arthur C.; Ruíz Rentería, Francisco; Smith, Struan R.; Tschirky, John J.; Cortés Núñez, Jorge (2017)
      Coastal ecosystems and the livelihoods they support are threatened by stressors acting at global and local scales. Here we used the data produced by the Caribbean Coastal Marine Productivity program (CARICOMP), the longest, ...