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    • Clifford Geometry: a Seminar 

      Várilly Boyle, Joseph C.; Gracia Bondía, José M. (1995-12-15)
      Este documento fue desarrollado durante el seminario de posgrado SP--1313 (Seminario en Matemática A) en 1995; por razones de difusión, fue redactado en inglés. Se trata de una exposición de los aspectos de la geometría ...
    • Estimation of the yield curve for Costa Rica using combinatorial optimization metaheuristics applied to nonlinear regression 

      Quirós Granados, Andrés; Trejos Zelaya, Javier (2020-09-20)
      The term structure of interest rates or yield curve is a function relating the interest rate with its own term. Nonlinear regression models of Nelson-Siegel and Svensson were used to estimate the yield curve using a sample ...
    • Geometric goodness of fit measure to detect patterns in data point clouds 

      Hernádez Alvarado, Alberto Jose; Solís Chacón, Maikol; Zúñiga Rojas, Ronald Alberto (2019)
      The curse of dimensionality is a commonly encountered problem in statistics and data analysis. Variable sensitivity analysis methods are a well studied and established set of tools designed to overcome these sorts of ...
    • Geometrical correlation indices using homological constructions on manifolds 

      Solís Chacón, Maikol; Hernández Alvarado, Alberto José; Zúñiga Rojas, Ronald Alberto (2018)
      Abstract The course of dimensionality is a common problem in statistics and data analysis. Variable sensitivity analysis methods are a well studied and established set of tools designed to overcome these sorts of problems. ...
    • Groups with f-generics in NTP2 and PRC fields 

      Montenegro Guzmán, Samaria; Onshuus Niño, Alf; Pierre Sigué, Simon (2018)
      We study groups with f-generic types definable in bounded PRC fields. Along the way, we generalize part of the basic theory of definably amenable NIP groups to NTP2theories and prove variations on Hrushovski’s stabilizer theorem.
    • Imaginaries, invariant types and pseudo p-adically closed fields 

      Montenegro Guzmán, Samaria; Rideau Kikuchi, Silvain (2019-04-29)
      In this paper, we give a general criterion for elimination of imaginaries using an abstract independence relation. We also study germs of definable functions at certain well-behaved invariant types. Finally we apply these ...
    • Isometry groups of borel randomizations 

      Berenstein, Alex; Zamora Calero, Rafael (2018-08)
      We study global dynamical properties of the isometry group of the Borel randomization of a separable complete structure. In particular, we show that if properties such as the Rohklin property, topometric generics, extreme ...
    • Location of the zeros of certain parametric families of functions of generalized Fresnel integral type 

      Lobo Segura, Jaime; Villalobos Arias, Mario Alberto (2019)
      In this paper, two parametric families of functions, the so-called Complementary Fresnel Integral and the Lommel type, which are of generalized Fresnel integral type, are considered. We review the problems of existence ...
    • Negative Thermal Expansion in Open Perovskites near the Precipice of Structural Stability 

      Occhialini, Connor A.; Guzmán Verri, Gian Giacomo; Handunkanda, Sahan U.; Hancock, Jason N. (2018)
      Negative thermal expansion (NTE) describes the anomalous propensity of materials to shrink when heated. Since its discovery, the NTE effect has been found in a wide variety of materials with an array of magnetic, electronic ...
    • Negative thermal expansion near two structural quantum phase transitions Connor 

      Guzmán Verri, Gian Giacomo; Hancock, Jason N. (2017-12-18)
      Recent experimental work has revealed that the unusually strong, isotropic structural negative thermal expansion in cubic perovskite ionic insulator ScF3 occurs in excited states above a ground state tuned very near a ...