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    • La palabra y el aire: Conjuros del alba de Jorge Chen-Sham 

      Sanabria Sing, Carolina (2016)
      El presente artículo analiza el segundo poemario de Jorge Chen-Sham, Conjuros del alba, a la luz de la vinculación directa con el libro anterior, Nocturnos de mar inacabada. Destaca los elementos que guían la lectura de ...
    • Phenomenology of faith and anthropology in Edith Stein: In view of an empathic pedagogy 

      Céspedes Solís, Pablo (2014-10-01)
      This paper addresses the philosophical and historical contexts of early twentieth-century Europe, particularly Germany, in order to better understand the life, work and thought of Edith Stein (Saint Teresa Benedicta of the ...
    • Political philosophy in the service of nationalism: The case of Vincenzo Gioberti 

      Marín Guzmán, Roberto (2013-01-10)
      This essay provides an analysis of the politicalphilosophy of Vincenzo Gioberti (1801 -1852) in the his-torical context of the efforts for the unification of Italy.The author makes a tour of the historical and culturalbackground ...
    • “Prayer for Marilyn Monroe” by Ernesto Cardenal: On the construction of a pragmatic character 

      Rivera Alfaro, Silvia Graciela (2013-01-10)
      The poem Oración por Marilyn Monroe, byErnesto Cardenal, was written after this famous NorthAmerican actress' death. Using a prayer as a structure,the poet moves the reader to wonder about differentsocial questions. The ...
    • Presentación 

      Ocampo Álvarez, Ángel (2014-01-20)
      Ponemos en manos del lector el volumen 3 de la Revista humanidades, compuesto por cuatro unidades.
    • Presentación 

      Ocampo Álvarez, Ángel (2014-10-01)
      En este Volumen de la Revista humanidades, el lector encontrará el material estructurado en cuatro unidades.
    • Professional ethics in education: An engagement in humanistic pedagogy 

      Rojas Artavia, Carlos E. (2012-11-25)
      The professional ethics is not simply a deontology or a group of norms to govern the behavior of those who exercise a professional work, it is a commitment that goes beyond the written norm and it should become effective ...
    • Teatro como acontecimento: The importance of error and of the unfinished in drama education 

      Calderón Gómez, Juan Carlos (2014-10-10)
      This reflection includes part of my methodological experience used in my teaching position at the University of Costa Rica. We intend to demonstrate how dramatic pedagogical processes contribute to foster thoughtfulness, ...
    • Technological culture as a basis for technological capabilities and learning 

      Carvajal Villaplana, Álvaro (2012-11-25)
      In this work a positive correlation is supposed to exist between  technological capabilities and  a technological culture. Promoting a technological culture favors the  emergence and development of  technological capabilities ...
    • The Aesthetic of Rest in the Representation of Azorín’s Small Provincial Towns 

      Cuvardic García, Dorde (2014-01-30)
      This article analyzes the aesthetic of rest and small philosophy in Azorín´s work, associated to the representation of the indolent, apathetic towns and cities. The eternal return, as seen from Nietzsche´s pessimistic ...
    • The aesthetics of the sublime in the section El Jorullo in the Rusticatio Mexicana 

      Cuvardic García, Dorde (2013-01-10)
      This essay presents an analysis, based on theaesthetics of the sublime, of the work Rusticatio Mexicana(1782), Section II, from Guatemalan writer RafaelLandivar (1731-1793). The narrative on the eruption of Jorullo Volcano ...
    • The art of deduction: Holmes’ mark on the media 

      Beeche Antezana, Sergio; Calderón Sánchez, Estefanía (2013-01-10)
      The present article has the intention to analyzethe characteristics, relationships and audiovisual representations of famous literary character Sherlock Holmes,created by British writer Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.Taking the ...
    • The Contemporary and the Crisis of Empirical Reality: Theoretical Confrontations 

      Rodríguez Jiménez, Leda (2014-01-30)
      This article plunges itself into de contemporary to examine its implications by exploring and confronting different theoretical and philosophical positions. Of whom or what are we contemporaneous to? What is the meaning ...
    • The culture of data 

      Rodríguez, José Alberto (2013-01-10)
      This article is about the importance of statisticalinformation for optimal organizational performance.“Trademark” is the key word for statistical research,and this concept was the point of view of a study conduc-ted at the ...
    • The difficult waking up of Lazarus of Bethany 

      Arias Orozco, Grettel Mariana (2015-05-31)
      This paper discuss how the principal character of the Costa Rican novel El despertar de Lázaro (2003) of Julieta Pinto tears up the eternal silence of the biblical character, which allows to deconstruct the biblical tale ...
    • The Drawing Model Collection of the National Academy of Fine Arts 

      Sánchez Zumbado, Jimena (2014-01-30)
      This paper describes the origin and usage of the graphic portion of the oldest collection that the University of Costa Rica owns: the Drawing Model Collection. Which was brought to the country as part of the teaching ...
    • The Gaze in Leopoldo Lugones’ “Los ojos de la reina”: A Fragmented Reading 

      Longan Phillips, Shirley (2014-01-30)
      “Los ojos de la reina” by Leopoldo Lugones deals with the strange death of Mr. Neale Skinner; all evidence leads toward Sha-it-Athor, The Lady of the Gaze, a beautiful Egyptian who is the reincarnation of Queen Hatshepsut. ...
    • The hebrews: A religious legacy 

      Carvajal Mena, Ligia (2014-10-01)
      The first human settlements took place in the river banks such as the Euphrates, Tigris and Nile. Because of their fertility, those lands became the cradle of cultures that left an important legacy for the development of ...
    • The humanities and humanism of the future 

      Marín Murillo, Asdrúbal (2012-11-25)
      This is an essay on humanism, in which the contribution of humanities to costarrican society is analyzed, especially the role that the School of General Studies of the University of Costa Rica has played in this context. ...
    • The importance of being called Lilia 

      Fallas Arias, Teresa (2015-05-31)
      In this inquiry on the ‘autobiografía’ (autobiography) and the ‘curriculum operis’ of the Costa Rican writer Lilia Ramos I glimpse at the change of name scrounged by Lilia since her infancy, as a kind of incantation in ...