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    • Technological culture as a basis for technological capabilities and learning 

      Carvajal Villaplana, Álvaro (2012-11-25)
      In this work a positive correlation is supposed to exist between  technological capabilities and  a technological culture. Promoting a technological culture favors the  emergence and development of  technological capabilities ...
    • The culture of data 

      Rodríguez, José Alberto (2013-01-10)
      This article is about the importance of statisticalinformation for optimal organizational performance.“Trademark” is the key word for statistical research,and this concept was the point of view of a study conduc-ted at the ...
    • Time Lost in the Archives 

      Broncano, Fernando (2014-01-30)
      The author analyze the trend, determined by the evolution of contemporary technologies, towards the consolidation of a culture that privileges the novelty and immediacy above the heritage, and that therefore replaces ...