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    • Biología molecular del virus del rayado fino del maíz 

      León Azofeifa, Pedro; Gámez Lobo, Rodrigo (1986-06)
      A condensed report of research on the molecular biology of Maize Rayado Fino Virus is offered, along with a tentative model for the capsid structure that fits the biochemical analysis of this virus. Given the existence of ...
    • Una doble infección viral en orquídeas del género Cymbidium 

      Velasco, Ana Cecilia; Hernández Chavarría, Francisco; Gámez Lobo, Rodrigo (1986)
      A double -viral infection in Cymbidium hybrids is described. Virions were discovered by negative staining of sick plant sap, which showed a rigid type and a flexible virus. Two types of viral-cytoplasmatic inclusions, ...