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    • Detection of Euhydration in Humans from the Diuresis Response to a Water Load 

      Capitán Jiménez, Catalina; Aragón Vargas, Luis Fernando (2011-09-30)
      Aim: to calculate the minimum amount of water to be ingested in order to find significant differences in one-hour urine volume between euhydrated and dehydrated humans. Methods: Five participants (22.6±2.9 years old, ...
    • Motorcycle Enduro Race in Heat: Fluid Balance and Thermoregulation 

      Javornik Krope, Ricardo Martín; Aragón Vargas, Luis Fernando; García, Pedro Reinaldo (2007-05)
      PURPOSE: To evaluate the hydration status, fluid balance and core temperature changes during an enduro motorcycle race. METHODS: 12 professional male enduro drivers gave written informed consent to participate. Data were ...
    • Post-exercise rehydration with beer impairs fluid retention, reaction time, and balance 

      Flores Salamanca, Rebeca; Aragón Vargas, Luis Fernando (2014-03-05)
      Beer is promoted by the popular media as a good choice for rehydration, but there is limited support for the claim. To assess the effect of beer alcohol on rehydration and motor control, 11 young (24.4 ± 3.7 y.o.) males ...