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    • Infestación múltiple por ácaros ectoparásitos en conejos de crianza 

      Calderón Arguedas, Ólger; Troyo Rodríguez, Adriana; Avendaño López, Adrián; Aymerich Blen, Rodrigo; Berrocal, Bernabé; Coto Morales, Teresita (2011-06-01)
      Six breeding rabbits (New Zealand strain) were observed with crusted and pruritic dermal lesions. These lesions were located predominantly in ears, nose, nails and feet. Dermal material collected by scraping showed the ...
    • Novel Clade C-I Clostridium difficile strains escape diagnostic tests, differ in pathogenicity potential and carry toxins on extrachromosomal elements 

      Ramírez Vargas, Gabriel; López Ureña, Diana; Badilla Lobo, Adriana; Orozco Aguilar, Josué; Murillo Corrales, Tatiana; Rojas, Priscilla; Riedel, Thomas; Overmann, Jörg; González, Gabriel; Chaves Olarte, Esteban; Quesada Gómez, Carlos; Rodríguez Sánchez, César (2018)
      The population structure of Clostridium difficile currently comprises eight major genomic clades. For the highly divergent C-I clade, only two toxigenic strains have been reported, which lack the tcdA and tcdC genes and ...