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    • CMV-encoded Fcγ receptors: modulators at the interface of innate and adaptive immunity 

      Corrales Aguilar, Eugenia; Hoffmann, Katja; Hengel, Hartmut (2014-10-07)
      The constant region of IgG antibodies mediates antiviral activities upon engaging host Fcγ receptors (FcγRs) expressed by a variety of immune cells, such as antibody-dependent cellullar cytotoxcity (ADCC) executed by natural ...
    • Highly individual patterns of virus‑immune IgG effector responses in humans 

      Corrales Aguilar, Eugenia; Trilling, Mirko; Reinhard, Henrike; Falcone, Valeria; Zimmermann, Albert; Adams, Ortwin; Santibanez, Sabine; Hengel, Hartmut (2016-05-18)
      t IgG responses are fundamental to adaptive immunity and document immunological memory of previous pathogen encounter. While specific antigen recognition is mediated by the variable F(ab′)2 domain of IgG, various effector ...