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    • Antivenoms for Snakebite Envenomings 

      Gutiérrez, José María; León Montero, Guillermo; Lomonte, Bruno; Angulo Ugalde, Yamileth (2011-10)
      Animal-derived antivenoms constitute the mainstay in the therapy of snakebite envenoming. Antivenoms are manufactured by immunizing animals, usually horses, with venoms from a single or several medically-relevant snake ...
    • Antivenoms for the treatment of snakebite envenomings: The road ahead 

      Gutiérrez, José María; León Montero, Guillermo; Burnouf, Thierry (2011-05)
      The parenteral administration of antivenoms is the cornerstone of snakebite envenoming therapy. Efforts are made to ensure that antivenoms of adequate efficacy and safety are available world-wide. We address the main issues ...