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    • Additions to the myxobiota of Central America 

      Rojas Alvarado, Carlos Alonso; Calvo, Erick (2014)
      Given the fact that until recently the myxomycetes were an understudied group in Central America, it is not surprising that the number of new records for most countries is currently increasing at a steady pace. This is ...
    • First records of myxomycetes from El Salvador 

      Rojas Alvarado, Carlos Alonso; Morales, Ricardo; Calderón, Irene; Clerc, Philippe (2013-11-02)
      Myxomycetes have been studied formally in most of Central America except for El Salvador. Even though this country is the last in the region to begin an official inventory for this group of organisms, the 37 new records ...
    • What can myxomycetes tell us about floricolous microbial systems? 

      Rojas Alvarado, Carlos Alonso; Valverde González, Randall; Rollins, Adam W.; Murillo Roos, Mariana (2017-02)
      The study described herein was conducted in Costa Rica in an effort to generate baseline data on the association between tropical inflorescences and a group of microorganisms known as myxomycetes. The assemblage structure ...