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    • A climate change projection for summer hydrologic conditions in a semiarid watershed of central Arizona 

      Hawkins, Gretchen A.; Vivoni, Enrique R.; Robles Morua, Agustin; Mascaro, Giuseppe; Rivera Fernández, Erick; Dominguez, Francina (2015-03-05)
      Potential climate change impacts on summer precipitation and subsequent hydrologic responses in the southwestern U.S. are poorly constrained at present due to a lack of studies accounting for high resolution processes. In ...
    • Oceanic and terrestrial sources of continental precipitation 

      Gimeno, Luis; Stohl, Andreas; Trigo, Ricardo M.; Dominguez, Francina; Yoshimura, Kei; Yu, Lisan; Drumond, Anita; Durán Quesada, Ana María; Nieto, Raquel (American Geophysical Union 50:1-41, 2012-11-08)
      The most important sources of atmospheric moisture at the global scale are herein identified, both oceanic and terrestrial, and a characterization is made of how continental regions are influenced by water from different ...
    • Projected changes in atmospheric river events in Arizona as simulated by global and regional climate models 

      Rivera Fernández, Erick; Dominguez, Francina (2015)
      Inland-penetrating atmospheric rivers (ARs) affect the United States Southwest and significantly contribute to cool season precipitation. In this study, we examine the results from an ensemble of dynamically downscaled ...