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    • Changes in Aridity in the Western United States 

      Hidalgo León, Hugo G.; Dettinger, Michael D.; Cayan, Daniel R. (2008-08)
      It is often remarked that most of the western US (Figure 1) is “always in drought,” especially by visitors from wetter climates. The plants and landforms of the West, however, are more or less adapted to the region’s ...
    • Climate change scenarios and sea level rise estimates for California 2008 Climate Change Scenarios Assessment 

      Cayan, Daniel R.; Tyree, Mary; Dettinger, Michael D.; Hidalgo León, Hugo G.; Das, Tapash; Maurer, Edwin P.; Bromirski, Peter; Graham, Nicholas A. J.; Flick, Reinhard (2009-03)
      For the 2008 California Climate Change Assessment, to further investigate possible future climate changes in California, a set of 12 climate change model simulations was selected and evaluated. From the Intergovernmental ...
    • Projections of Potential Flood Regime Changes in California 

      Dettinger, Michael D.; Hidalgo León, Hugo G.; Das, Tapash; Cayan, Daniel R.; Knowles, Noah (2009-03)
      Floods have been a recurring theme in California’s climatology, hydrology, and politics throughout its history. Today, California's aging water supply and flood protection infrastructures are challenged by major floods ...