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  • Location of the zeros of certain parametric families of functions of generalized Fresnel integral type 

    Lobo Segura, Jaime; Villalobos Arias, Mario (2019)
    In this paper, two parametric families of functions, the so-called Complementary Fresnel Integral and the Lommel type, which are of generalized Fresnel integral type, are considered. We review the problems of existence ...
  • Las partículas elementales según Wigner: aspectos clásicos y cuánticos 

    Várilly Boyle, Joseph C. (2019)
    En 1939, Wigner clasificó las representaciones unitarias irreducibles del grupo de Poincaré; desde entonces, tales representaciones se identifican con partículas con simetría relativista. Se conocen las representaciones ...

    Valerio Salas, Ericka; Oviedo Jiménez, José; Montero Solórzano, Juan José; García Calvo, Susana (2019-02)
    La revista Serengueti es una revista digital dirigida a estudiantes de la carrera de Estadística, ya que su contenido puede ayudar a comprender conceptos, técnicas y métodos para el análisis de datos de diferente tipo. La ...
  • Isometry groups of borel randomizations 

    Berenstein, Alex; Zamora Calero, Rafael (2018-08)
    We study global dynamical properties of the isometry group of the Borel randomization of a separable complete structure. In particular, we show that if properties such as the Rohklin property, topometric generics, extreme ...
  • On the approximation of a virtual coarse space for domain decomposition methods in two dimensions 

    Calvo Alpízar, Juan Gabriel (2018)
    A new extension operator for a virtual coarse space is presented which can be used in domain decomposition methods for nodal elliptic problems in two dimensions. In particular, a two-level overlapping Schwarz algorithm is ...
  • A BDDC algorithm with deluxe scaling for H(curl) in two dimensions with irregular subdomains 

    Calvo Alpízar, Juan Gabriel (2015)
    A bound is obtained for the condition number of a BDDC algorithm for problems posed in H(curl) in two dimensions, where the subdomains are only assumed to be uniform in the sense of Peter Jones. For the primal variable ...
  • An overlapping Schwarz method for virtual element discretizations in two dimensions 

    Calvo Alpízar, Juan Gabriel (2019)
    A new coarse space for domain decomposition methods is presented for nodal ellipticproblems in two dimensions. The coarse space is derived from the novel virtual elementmethods and therefore can accommodate quite irregular ...
  • A new coarse space for overlapping Schwarz algorithms for H(curl) problems in three dimensions with irregular subdomains 

    Calvo Alpízar, Juan Gabriel (2019)
    A new coarse space for a two-level overlapping Schwarz algorithm is presented for problems posed in three dimensions in the space H(curl, Ω). Previous studies for these methods are very restrictive about the geometry of ...
  • Parallel Sums and Adaptive BDDC Deluxe 

    Widlund, Olof B.; Calvo Alpízar, Juan Gabriel (2017)
    There has recently been a considerable activity in developing adaptive methods for the selection of primal constraints for BDDC algorithms and, in particular, for BDDC deluxe variants. The primal constraints of a BDDC or ...
  • The role of short-term immigration on disease dynamics: An SIR model with age-structure 

    Sánchez Peña, Fabio Ariel; Calvo Alpízar, Juan Gabriel (2019-02-18)
    We formulate an age-structured nonlinear partial differential equation model that features short-term immigration effects in a population. Individuals can immigrate into the population as any of the three stages in the ...
  • Groups with f-generics in NTP2 and PRC fields 

    Montenegro Guzmán, Samaria; Onshuus Niño, Alf; Pierre Sigué, Simon (2018)
    We study groups with f-generic types definable in bounded PRC fields. Along the way, we generalize part of the basic theory of definably amenable NIP groups to NTP2theories and prove variations on Hrushovski’s stabilizer theorem.
  • Imaginaries, invariant types and pseudo p-adically closed fields 

    Montenegro Guzmán, Samaria; Rideau Kikuchi, Silvain (2019-04-29)
    In this paper, we give a general criterion for elimination of imaginaries using an abstract independence relation. We also study germs of definable functions at certain well-behaved invariant types. Finally we apply these ...
  • Dataducto para construir Emuladores Estadísticos con datos de NARCCAP 

    Fonseca Rivera, Johan; Alfaro Córdoba, Marcela; Barboza Chinchilla, Luis Alberto (2019-01-25)
    El proyecto de investigación B7166 de la Universidad de Costa Rica tiene como objetivo principal presentar un marco estadístico para realizar una emulación de variables obtenidas por medio del Modelo Climático Regional ...
  • Faltings heights of CM elliptic curves and special Gamma values 

    Barquero Sánchez, Adrián Alberto; Cadwallader, Lindsay; Cannon, Olivia; Genao, Tyler; Masri, Riad (2017-12)
    In this paper, we evaluate the Faltings height of an elliptic curve with complex multiplication by an order in an imaginary quadratic field in terms of Euler’s Gamma function at rational arguments.
  • On the Colmez conjecture for non-abelian CM fields 

    Barquero Sánchez, Adrián Alberto; Masri, Riad (2018-02-08)
    The Colmez conjecture relates the Faltings height of an abelian variety with complex multiplication by the ring of integers of a CM field E to logarithmic derivatives of Artin L-functions at s=0. In this paper, we prove ...
  • The Chowla-Selberg formula for abelian CM fields and Faltings heights 

    Barquero Sánchez, Adrián Alberto; Masri, Riad (2016-03)
    In this paper we establish a Chowla-Selberg formula for abelian CM fields. This is an identity which relates values of a Hilbert modular function at CM points to values of Euler’s gamma function Γ and an analogous function ...
  • The asymptotic distribution of Andrews’ smallest parts function 

    Banks, Josiah; Barquero Sánchez, Adrián Alberto; Masri, Riad; Sheng, Yan (2015-12)
    In this paper, we use methods from the spectral theory of automorphic forms to give an asymptotic formula with a power saving error term for Andrews’ smallest parts function spt(n). We use this formula to deduce an asymptotic ...
  • Geometrical correlation indices using homological constructions on manifolds 

    Solís Chacón, Maikol; Hernández Alvarado, Alberto José; Zúñiga Rojas, Ronald Alberto (2018)
    Abstract The course of dimensionality is a common problem in statistics and data analysis. Variable sensitivity analysis methods are a well studied and established set of tools designed to overcome these sorts of problems. ...
  • Uniform sparse bounds for discrete quadratic phase Hilbert transforms 

    Kesler, Robert; Mena Arias, Darío Alberto (2017-09)
    Consider the discrete quadratic phase Hilbert Transform acting on $\ell^{2}(\mathbb{Z})$ finitely supported functions $$ H^{\alpha} f(n) : = \sum_{m \neq 0} \frac{e^{i\alpha m^2} f(n - m)}{m}. $$ We prove that, ...

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