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  • Groups with f-generics in NTP2 and PRC fields 

    Montenegro Guzmán, Samaria; Onshuus Niño, Alf; Pierre Sigué, Simon (2018)
    We study groups with f-generic types definable in bounded PRC fields. Along the way, we generalize part of the basic theory of definably amenable NIP groups to NTP2theories and prove variations on Hrushovski’s stabilizer theorem.
  • Imaginaries, invariant types and pseudo p-adically closed fields 

    Montenegro Guzmán, Samaria; Rideau Kikuchi, Silvain (2019-04-29)
    In this paper, we give a general criterion for elimination of imaginaries using an abstract independence relation. We also study germs of definable functions at certain well-behaved invariant types. Finally we apply these ...
  • Dataducto para construir Emuladores Estadísticos con datos de NARCCAP 

    Fonseca Rivera, Johan; Alfaro Córdoba, Marcela; Barboza Chinchilla, Luis Alberto (2019-01-25)
    El proyecto de investigación B7166 de la Universidad de Costa Rica tiene como objetivo principal presentar un marco estadístico para realizar una emulación de variables obtenidas por medio del Modelo Climático Regional ...
  • Faltings heights of CM elliptic curves and special Gamma values 

    Barquero Sánchez, Adrián Alberto; Cadwallader, Lindsay; Cannon, Olivia; Genao, Tyler; Masri, Riad (2017-12)
    In this paper, we evaluate the Faltings height of an elliptic curve with complex multiplication by an order in an imaginary quadratic field in terms of Euler’s Gamma function at rational arguments.
  • On the Colmez conjecture for non-abelian CM fields 

    Barquero Sánchez, Adrián Alberto; Masri, Riad (2018-02-08)
    The Colmez conjecture relates the Faltings height of an abelian variety with complex multiplication by the ring of integers of a CM field E to logarithmic derivatives of Artin L-functions at s=0. In this paper, we prove ...
  • The Chowla-Selberg formula for abelian CM fields and Faltings heights 

    Barquero Sánchez, Adrián Alberto; Masri, Riad (2016-03)
    In this paper we establish a Chowla-Selberg formula for abelian CM fields. This is an identity which relates values of a Hilbert modular function at CM points to values of Euler’s gamma function Γ and an analogous function ...
  • The asymptotic distribution of Andrews’ smallest parts function 

    Banks, Josiah; Barquero Sánchez, Adrián Alberto; Masri, Riad; Sheng, Yan (2015-12)
    In this paper, we use methods from the spectral theory of automorphic forms to give an asymptotic formula with a power saving error term for Andrews’ smallest parts function spt(n). We use this formula to deduce an asymptotic ...
  • Geometrical correlation indices using homological constructions on manifolds 

    Solís Chacón, Maikol; Hernández Alvarado, Alberto José; Zúñiga Rojas, Ronald Alberto (2018)
    Abstract The course of dimensionality is a common problem in statistics and data analysis. Variable sensitivity analysis methods are a well studied and established set of tools designed to overcome these sorts of problems. ...
  • Uniform sparse bounds for discrete quadratic phase Hilbert transforms 

    Kesler, Robert; Mena Arias, Darío Alberto (2017-09)
    Consider the discrete quadratic phase Hilbert Transform acting on $\ell^{2}(\mathbb{Z})$ finitely supported functions $$ H^{\alpha} f(n) : = \sum_{m \neq 0} \frac{e^{i\alpha m^2} f(n - m)}{m}. $$ We prove that, ...
  • Drinking as an epidemic - a simple mathematical model with recovery and relapse 

    Sánchez Peña, Fabio; Wang, Xiaohong; Castillo Chávez, Carlos; Gorman, Dennis M.; Gruenewald, Paul J. (2007)
    This chapter discusses a simple mathematical model of drinking lapse. Problem drinking is modeled as an acquired state - the result of frequent or intense interactions among individuals in three drinking states within a ...
  • Vertical Transmission in a Two-Strain Model of Dengue Fever 

    Murillo, David; Holechek, Susan A.; Murillo, Anarina L.; Sánchez Peña, Fabio Ariel; Castillo Chávez, Carlos (2014)
    The role of vertical transmission in vectors has rarely been addressed in the study of dengue dynamics and control, in part because it was not considered a critical population-level factor. In this paper, we apply the ...
  • The Gromov’s centralizer theorem for semisimple Lie group actions 

    Rosales Ortega, José (2017-10)
    We give a new version of the Gromov’s centralizer theorem in the case of semisimple Lie group actions and arbitrary rigid geometric structures of algebraic type.
  • Propuesta de un curso teórico – práctico para la formación inicial de profesores de matemáticas: posible entorno de aprendizaje 

    Arias Tencio, Floria (2016-06)
    En este artículo se describe la propuesta de un curso teórico-práctico como un entorno de aprendizaje para la formación inicial de profesores de matemática para educación secundaria. Este curso se implementó en el 2015 ...
  • On the one dimensional spectral Heat content for stable processes 

    Acuña Valverde, Luis Guillermo (2016-09)
    This paper provides the second term in the small time asymptotic expansion of the spectral heat content of a rotationally invariant α-stable process, 0 < α ≤ 2, for the bounded interval (a, b). The small time behavior ...
  • On the Ramanujan–Lodge harmonic number expansion 

    Mortici, Cristinel; Villarino Bertram, Mark (2015-01-15)
    The aim of this paper is to extend and refine the Ramanujan–Lodge harmonic number expansion into negative powers of a triangular number. We construct a faster asymptotic series and some new sharp inequalities for the ...
  • The Error in an Alternating Series 

    Villarino Bertram, Mark (2018-03)
    We present a new proof of Johnsonbaugh’s estimates for the error in an alternating series based on an idea of R. M. Young. We also use this same idea to prove the convergence of the Euler transform and a corresponding error ...
  • Heat content estimates over sets of finite perimeter 

    Acuña Valverde, Luis Guillermo (2016-09)
    This paper studies by means of standard analytic tools the small time behavior of the heat content over a bounded Lebesgue measurable set of finite perimeter by working with the set covariance function and by imposing ...
  • Analyzing the Measurement Equivalence of a Translated Test in a Statewide Assessment Program 

    Carvajal Espinoza, Jorge Eduardo; Welch, Greg W. (2016-09)
    When tests are translated into one or more languages, the question of the equivalence of items across language forms arises. This equivalence can be assessed at the scale level by means of a multiple group confirmatory ...
  • Improved Automatic Centerline Tracing for Dendritic and Axonal Structures 

    Jiménez López, David Adrián; Labate, Demetrio; Kakadiaris, loannis A.; Papadakis, Manos (2015-04)
    Centerline tracing in dendritic structures acquired from confocal images of neurons is an essential tool for the construction of geometrical representations of a neuronal network from its coarse scale up to its fine scale ...

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