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    • Drinking as an epidemic - a simple mathematical model with recovery and relapse 

      Sánchez Peña, Fabio Ariel; Wang, Xiaohong; Castillo Chávez, Carlos; Gorman, Dennis M.; Gruenewald, Paul J. (2007)
      This chapter discusses a simple mathematical model of drinking lapse. Problem drinking is modeled as an acquired state - the result of frequent or intense interactions among individuals in three drinking states within a ...
    • On the kinematics of the last Wigner particle 

      Gracia Bondía, José M.; Várilly Boyle, Joseph C. (2019)
      Wigner's particle classification provides for "continuous spin" representations of the Poincaré group, corresponding to a class of (as yet unobserved) massless particles. Rather than building their induced realizations by ...