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    • Coral Reef Conservation in the Eastern Tropical Pacific 

      Alvarado Barrientos, Juan José; Aburto Oropeza, Octavio; Abad Godoy, Rubén Darío; Barraza Sandoval, José Enrique; Brandt, Margarita; Cantera Kintz, Jaime Ricardo; Estrada, Priscilla; Gaymer, Carlos F.; Guzmán Mora, Ana Gloria; Herlan, James J.; Maté Touriño, Juan Laurentino (2017)
      This chapter reviews and evaluates coral reef conservation strategies along the eastern tropical Pacific (ETP), a narrow biogeographic region on the Pacific American coast that extends from southern Baja California, Mexico ...
    • Human Influences On Eastern Tropical Pacific Coral Communities and Coral Reefs 

      Cortés Núñez, Jorge; Reyes Bonilla, Héctor (2016)
      Coral reefs world-wide have been impacted by direct and indirect human activity and natural disturbances. This has led to the degradation and disappearance of many reef structures. On a basin-wide scale, the natural impact ...