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    • Christmas Tamales in Costa Rica (1900–1930) 

      Vega Jiménez, Patricia (2012)
      The eating habits of any social group are deeply dependent upon the environment (what it can produce), methods and manners of distribution, the availability of technology (necessary for production), cultural and symbolic ...
    • Science, technology, and society studies 

      Siles González, Ignacio; Boczkowski, Pablo Javier; Crooks, Roderic N.; Lievrouw, Leah A. (2016)
      This entry examines contemporary scholarship on media and information technologies at the intersection of science and technology studies (STS) and communication studies. The term “media and information technologies” is ...
    • La televisión digital en Costa Rica 

      Mena Araya, Aarón Elí (2011)
      Describe el proceso de digitalización, analiza la participación gubernamental, concesionarios, usuarios y otros actores en este proceso.