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    • Termorregulación e hidratación en niños que realizan actividad física 

      Aragón Vargas, Luis Fernando (1999)
      Durante la actividad física, los seres humanos generamos calor que debe ser disipado al medio ambiente de manera eficiente, para evitar un aumento en la temperatura corporal que podría ser perjudicial no sólo para el ...
    • The Elite Athlete’s Challenge to Maintain Proper Hydration 

      Aragón Vargas, Luis Fernando (2004)
      This presentation at the Pre-Olympic Congress in 2004 addresses the importance of maintaining proper hydration during sports competition, and the obstacles faced by competitors.
    • The Ethics of Scientific Research (with Particular Emphasis on Exercise and Movement Science) 

      Aragón Vargas, Luis Fernando (2015-07)
      This paper reviews how we arrived at the current state of affairs in the ethical practice of scientific research, discussing some issues that are particularly pertinent to the exercise scientist. The paper focuses on two ...
    • The Need of Other Elements 

      Aragón Vargas, Luis Fernando (2016)
      A number of natural drinks and ingredients used in hydration beverages have been discussed, focusing on their effectiveness for post-exercise rehydration. Because of excess diuresis, complete, rapid, and sustained restoration ...
    • The Sweating Response of Elite Professional Soccer Players to Training in the Heat 

      Shirreffs, Susan Margaret; Aragón Vargas, Luis Fernando; Chamorro, M.; Maughan, Ronald J.; Serratosa, Luis; Zachwieja, Jeff J. (2005)
      Sweat rate and sweat composition vary extensively between individuals, and quantification of these losses has a role to play in the individualisation of a hydration strategy to optimise training and competitive performance. ...
    • Thirst Perception Tracks Progressive Dehydration During Exercise In The Heat 

      Capitán Jiménez, Catalina; Aragón Vargas, Luis Fernando (2014-05)
      Thirst is claimed to be a perfect measure of fluid needs, but insufficient information is available on the association between thirst perception and actual dehydration. Purpose: to assess the strength of the actual ...
    • Thirst response to post-exercise fluid replacement needs and controlled drinking 

      Capitán Jiménez, Catalina; Aragón Vargas, Luis Fernando (2016)
      Perceived thirst (TP) was evaluated as a dependent variable: can it distinguish among several levels of acute dehydration, is it reliable, and how does it respond to the ingestion of a fixed water volume post exercise? In ...
    • Uso de practica en bloque y aleatoria en el desempeño de lanzar por encima del hombro en adultos 

      Jiménez Díaz, Judith; Salazar Rojas, Wálter; Morera Castro, María (2016)
      El propósito de esta investigación fue determinar si la práctica en bloque o aleatoria facilita el desempeño del patrón de lanzar por encima del hombro en adultos. Un total de 55 participantes (edad promedio 19 ± 2 años) ...
    • Los verdaderos riesgos del ejercicio 

      Aragón Vargas, Luis Fernando (1995)
      En este artículo se discuten los riesgos relativos, tanto del sedentarismo como de la actividad física vigorosa, así como las condiciones que pueden agudizar o aminorar estos riesgos. Además, se plantean las diferentes ...
    • Viajeros en forma 

      Aragón Vargas, Luis Fernando (2011)
      Por asuntos de trabajo, el autor estuvo viajando fuera de Costa Rica 25% de los días del año durante once años. Escribió algunos artículos para viajeros, como estas recomendaciones para viajeros frecuentes publicadas en ...
    • Voluntary Drinking Cessation is Associated with Recovery of Plasma Osmolality but not of Thirst Perception, Usg, Or Body Mass 

      Capitán Jiménez, Catalina; Aragón Vargas, Luis Fernando (2017)
      Post-exercise rehydration has been widely studied, with special emphasis on retention of ingested fluid; little research has been done on why we drink more or less. Purpose: To identify if voluntary drinking cessation ...
    • Voluntary Intake of Sports Drinks and Water in Males and Females Running in Hot Environment 

      Rivera Brown, Anita; Aragón Vargas, Luis Fernando; Cabrera Dávila, Yazaira; Berríos, Luis E. (2007)
      This study compared the palatability and voluntary intake of beverages that have different sensory characteristics, between male and female athletes while running or racewalking in a tropical climate. METHODS: Thirty-six ...
    • Workshop: Sweat Rate Measurement in Athletes 

      Aragón Vargas, Luis Fernando (Proceedings of the XXXI FIMS Sports Medicine World Congress, Medimond International Proceedings, 2010-10)
      Both laboratory and field tests for measuring sweat rate in athletes have been performed more and more often this past decade. This workshop gave the attendants a hands-on opportunity to test two volunteers who exercised ...