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    • Shipment consolidation by terminals and vehicles 

      González Ramírez, Rosa G.; Askin, Ronald G.; Smith, Neale R.; Villalobos, René (2009-02-27)
      This project designs and implements a new module in a logistics analysis tool called”Logistika” that was developed by some graduate students in ASU. Initially, Logistikaonly had available a “Plant location module”, but ...
    • The BPS preconditioner on Beowulf cluster 

      Salas Huertas, Oscar; Marazzina, Daniele; Rovida, Sergio; Sacchi, Giovanni; Scacchi, Simone (2009-02-27)
      This work presents the implementation on a Linux Cluster of a parallel preconditionerfor the solution of the linear system resulting from the finite element discretizationof a 2D second order elliptic boundary value problem. ...
    • Un procedimiento de fuerte reducción de las dimensiones del RCPS/Pi 

      Álvarez Valdés Olaguíbel, Ramón; Crespo, Enric; Tamarit Goerlich, José Manuel; Villa Juliá, M. Fulgencia (2009-02-27)
      Recently, in the field of project scheduling problems the concept of partially renewableresources has been introduced. Theoretically, it is a generalization of both renewable and non-renewable resources. From an applied ...