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    • Co-occurrence Matrix and fractal dimension for image segmentation 

      Marón, Beatriz S. (2012-03-08)
      One of the most important tasks in image processing problem and machine vision is object recognition, and the success of many proposed methods relies on a suitable choice of algorithm for the segmentation of an image. This ...
    • Estimation of General Equilibium Model in Dynamic Economies using Markov Chain Monte Carlo Methods 

      Estévez, Gloria; Infante, Saba; Sáez, Francisco (2012-03-08)
      This paper describes a general procedure to do Bayesian inference based on the likelihood evaluation of the stochastic general equilibrium models (MEGE) through Markov Chain Monte Carlo methods (MCMC). The proposed methodology ...
    • Influence Factors in Private Investment in El Salvador 

      Palacios, René; Funes, Nerys (2012-03-12)
      According to many empirical studies, one aspect that determines the foundations of economic cycles in the short and medium term is the investment of capital goods since it belongs to an aggregate demand and explains the ...
    • Joint Kalman–Haar Algorithm Applied to Signal Processing 

      Viegener, Alejandro; Sirne, Ricardo O.; Sirne, Ricardo O.; Serrano, Eduardo P.; Serrano, Eduardo P.; Fabio, Marcela; Fabio, Marcela; D'Attellis, Carlos E.; D'Attellis, Carlos E. (2012-03-08)
      Under the analysis of signals disturbed by noise, in this paper we propose a working methodology aimed to seize the best estimate of combining Kalman filtering with the characterization that is achieved by applying a ...
    • K-finite decidable objects and finite cardinals in an arbitrary topos 

      Acuña Ortega, Osvaldo (2012-03-08)
      In an elemetary topos $\varepsilo$, we prove that the class of K-finite decidable objects is the same to the class of finite cardinals in E if and only if every K-finite decidable object X such that $X \longrightarrow 1$ ...
    • On the Cramér–Von Mises Statistic 

      Martínez Camblor, Pablo; Carleos, Carlos; Corral, Norberto (2012-03-11)
      Probably, one of the most useful criterions in order to compare distribution functions is the one introduced by the researchers Harald Cramér and Richard Edler von Mises which is known as Cramérvon Mises criterion $(C_M)$. ...
    • Regularidad local del Mercado de índices para la crisis económica de 2008 

      Figliola, Alejandra; Rosenblatt, Mariel; Serrano, Eduardo P. (2012-03-08)
      There is evidence that signals from financial markets, such as stock indices, interest rates or commodities, have a multifractal nature. In recent years, many efforts have been made to relate the inefficiency of markets ...
    • Small data existence for the Boltzmann Equation in $L^{1}$ 

      Galeano Andrades, Rafael; Ortega Palencia, Pedro; Vásquez Ávila, María Ofelia (2012-03-11)
      An existence theorem for the Boltzmann Equation with force term and small initial data is proved in an $L^{1}$ setting
    • Ttsunami. An Interesting Mathematical Problem 

      González González, Rodrigo; Ortiz Figueroa, Modesto; Montoya Rodríguez, José Miguel (2012-03-12)
      We present some key aspects regarding the mathematics and the computational tool that support the complex description of the physical process tsunami from two specific approaches. In particular, it addresses analytically ...