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    • Can the location of the isolation laboratory affect the generation of myxomycete data using moist chambers? An experiment in the Neotropics 

      Rojas Alvarado, Carlos Alonso; Rollins, Adam W.; Matarrita Gutiérrez, Kenneth; Rojas Camacho, Pedro (2021-03-11)
      The moist chamber technique, as it is used in myxomycete research, is an extremely useful method to optimize project resources. However, as it occurs with any laboratory-based protocol, the usefulness of this technique ...
    • Diversity patterns, ecological associations and future of research on Costa Rican myxomycetes 

      Rojas Alvarado, Carlos Alonso; Lado Rodríguez, Carlos (2018-06-05)
      The most active research period on myxomycetes in Costa Rica has taken place in the last three decades. During this time, most of the collections have been carried out and most of the scientific articles have been produced. ...
    • ICSEM10 Slideshow 

      Darrah, Randy (2020-03-03)
      This is a slideshow produced for the 10th International Congress on the Systematics and Ecology of Myxomycetes, held in the city of Turrialba (UCR, Sede del Atlántico) in February 2020.
    • Mosses as spore traps for myxomycetes 

      Stephenson, Steven L.; Rojas Alvarado, Carlos Alonso (2020-07-06)
      Small-mesh nylon bags filled with autoclaved samples of mosses were placed out in the field in northwest Arkansas and central Costa Rica to assess the extent to which mosses could serve as spore traps for myxomycetes. The ...
    • Myxomycete colonization on translocated and non-translocated dead leaves from temperate and tropical forests 

      Rojas Alvarado, Carlos Alonso; Stephenson, Steven L.; Rojas Camacho, Pedro (2020-11)
      Samples of dead leaves on the forest floor were collected from a locality in central Costa Rica and another locality in northwest Arkansas in the United States and then were placed in fine-mesh nylon bags, autoclaved and ...
    • Myxomycete diversity in Costa Rica 

      Rojas Alvarado, Carlos Alonso; Rojas Camacho, Pedro; Lado Rodríguez, Carlos (2018-04)
      An updated analysis of myxomycete diversity in Costa Rica is provided herein as a product of an extensive data mining-based study intended to normalize the information on myxomycetes from that country. Within the context ...
    • Myxomycete ecology in urban areas: rapid assessment from two cities 

      Rincón Marín, Carolina; García Chaves, María Carolina; Valverde González, Randall; Rojas Alvarado, Carlos Alonso (2021-02-25)
      Urban ecology has been an understudied topic in myxomycete research. For that reason, the present investigation aimed to generate data related to myxomycetes in urban areas of the Neotropical region. With an approach of ...
    • New records of genera and species of myxomycetes (Amoebozoa) from the Neotropics 

      Lado Rodríguez, Carlos; Estrada Torres, Arturo; Rojas Alvarado, Carlos Alonso (2018-05-11)
      During feld surveys of myxomycetes in Central America, 2 previously unrecorded genera and 4 species, viz. Craterium muscorum Ing, Dictydiaethalium dictyosporum Nann.-Bremek., Physarina echinocephala Höhn, and Stemonaria rufpes, ...
    • New records of myxomycetes for the state of Veracruz from Cofre de Perote National Park 

      Salazar Hernández, Berlia Beneric; Rojas Alvarado, Carlos Alonso; Andrade Torres, Antonio; Medel Ortiz, Rosario (2021-09-20)
      Most of the species of myxomycetes from Mexico are well documented, but their patchy geographical and temporal distribution responds to the individual efforts carried out in different areas of the territory over time. As ...
    • Phenology of myxomycetes in Turrialba, Costa Rica 

      Rojas Alvarado, Carlos Alonso; Rojas Camacho, Pedro; Stephenson, Steven L. (2021-05)
      Long-term monitoring and phenological patterns of microbial communities are rare in the scientific literature. Myxomycetes have life cycle characteristics that allow both to be documented. The present study summarizes ...
    • Proceedings of the ICSEM10 Costa Rica 

      Rojas Alvarado, Carlos Alonso (2020-02-28)
      Este documento corresponde con la memoria completa del X Congreso Internacional sobre Sistemática y Ecología de Mixomicetes (ICSEM10) celebrado en la Sede del Atlántico de la Universidad de Costa Rica entre el 25 y el 28 ...
    • Taxonomic Keys and Plates from The Myxomycetes 

      Martin, George W.; Alexopoulos, Constantine J. (2021-04-01)
      In 1969, George W. Martin and Constantine J. Alexopoulos published a remarkable work on myxomycetes. Their monograph on this group of organisms became one of the references to the taxonomy and geographical distribution of ...