Recent Submissions

  • Soluciones de Einstein no asintóticamente planas 

    Alvarado Marín, Rodrigo Eduardo (2011-02-11)
    In this paper, a theorem id demostrated regarding the imposibility of the existence od asymptotically plane solutions in spaces with static cylindrycal symmetry, in the framework of the General Theory of Relativity, if the ...
  • Álgebras-MV artinianas y noetherianas 

    Belluce, L. P. (2011-02-11)
    We study MV-algebras that satisfacy tha ascending of descending chain conditions on ideals.  We demostrarted, for example, if an MV-algebra is artianan, then it has a finite number of minimal prime ideals. We also show the ...
  • Aproximación de sucesiones definidas por recurrencia 

    Durán, Ana Lía (2011-02-11)
    It is established that recurrent sequences, xn+1 = f(xn),which converge to a fixed point L where the derivative α = f '(L) satisfies 0 < |α| < 1 and where the rest r(x) = f(x) - L - α(x-L) satisfies r(x) = O(|x - L|1+ ...
  • Semi- orthogonalities of class of Gauss hypergeometric functions 

    Bajpai, S. D.; Arora, M. S.; Mishra, Sadhana (2011-02-11)
    We presented three semi-orthogonalities for a class of Gauss hypergeometric functions. We further employ the semi-orthogonalities to generate a theory concerning finite series expansion involving our hypergeometric functions.
  • Procesos emisores de fotones en dispersión de electrones 

    Soto Vargas, C. W. (2011-02-11)
    The investigations involving the scattering cross sections arising in virtual and real photon emission processes of electron and positron scattering by an atomic nucleus, have the need for thorough and complete calculations ...
  • On the right commutativity of loop rings 

    Vasantha Kandasamy, W. B. (2011-02-11)
    Its proved that extra loops and central loops are conjugated closed, consequently  they are G-loops. It is also proved that extra loops and central loops are M-loops.
  • Cálculo de las integrales radiales en dispersión de electrones 

    Soto Vargas, C. W. (2011-02-11)
    The radial integrals which arise from the distorted wave treatment of photon emission process in electron and positron scattering, involve products of the electron`s (or positron`s) ingoing and outgoing wave functions and ...
  • Visualización de plasmas convectivos 

    Carboni Méndez, Rodrigo; Páez Portuguez, Jorge Eduardo (2011-02-11)
    We present a study of the evolution of magnetic field in plasmas with different conductivities under the influence of a convective movement independent of time, which allows the description of either a single whirlwind, ...