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    • Intracellular passage triggers a molecular response in that increases its infectiousness 

      Altamirano Silva, Pamela; Cordero Serrano, Marlen; Méndez Montoya, Joselyn; Chacón Díaz, Carlos; Guzmán Verri, Caterina; Moreno Robles, Edgardo; Chaves Olarte, Esteban (2021)
      Brucella abortus is a facultative extracellular-intracellular pathogen that encounters a diversity of environments within the host cell. We report that bacteria extracted from infected cells at late stages (48 h post-infection) ...
    • Neutrophils as Trojan Horse Vehicles for Brucella abortus Macrophage Infection 

      Gutiérrez Jiménez, Cristina; Mora Cartín, Ricardo; Altamirano Silva, Pamela; Chacón Díaz, Carlos; Chaves Olarte, Esteban; Moreno Robles, Edgardo; Barquero Calvo, Elías (2019-05-07)
      Brucella abortus is a stealthy intracellular bacterial pathogen of animals and humans. This bacterium promotes the premature cell death of neutrophils (PMN) and resists the killing action of these leukocytes. B. abortus-infected ...