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    • Pesticide monitoring and ecotoxicological risk assessment in surface water bodies and sediments of a tropical agro-ecosystem 

      Carazo Rojas, Elizabeth; Pérez Rojas, Greivin; Pérez Villanueva, Marta Eugenia; Chinchilla Soto, Isabel Cristina; Chin Pampillo, Juan Salvador; Aguilar Mora, Paula; Alpízar Marín, Melvin; Masís Mora, Mario Alberto; Rodríguez Rodríguez, Carlos E.; Vryzas, Zisis (2018)
      A pesticide monitoring study including 80 and 60 active ingredients (in surface waters and sediments, respectively) was carried out in a river basin in Costa Rica during 2007–2012. A special emphasis was given on the ...