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    • Is it possible to modify the obesogenic environment? - Brazil case 

      Fisberg, Mauro; Veroneze de Mello, Aline; Ferrari, Gerson Luis Morais; Previdelli, Ágatha Nogueira; Hermes Sales, Cristiane; Fisberg, Regina Mara; Gómez Salas, Georgina; Kovalskys, Irina (2019)
      In recent decades, the prevalence of obesity has reached increasingly high rates among children and adolescents worldwide as the result of interactions between obesogenic environments and genetics. In Brazil, a middle-income ...
    • Total and Added Sugar Intake: Assessment in Eight Latin American Countries 

      Fisberg, Mauro; Kovalskys, Irina; Gómez Salas, Georgina; Rigotti, Attilio; Cortés Sanabria, Lilia Yadira; Yépez García, Martha Cecilia; Pareja Torres, Rossina Gabriella; Herrera Cuenca, Marianella; Zalcman Zimberg, Ioná; Koletzko, Berthold V.; Pratt, Michael; Moreno Aznar, Luis A.; Guajardo, Viviana; Fisberg, Regina Mara; Hermes Sales, Cristiane; Previdelli, Ágatha Nogueira (2018-03)
      Non-communicable diseases are growing at an alarming rate in Latin America. We assessed total and added sugar intake in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Peru, and Venezuela, to verify the adequacy ...