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    • Prevalence and determinants of misreporting of energy intake among Latin American populations: results from ELANS Study 

      Previdelli, Ágatha Nogueira; Gómez Salas, Georgina; Kovalskys, Irina; Fisberg, Mauro; Cortés Sanabria, Lilia Yadira; Pareja, Rossina Gabriela; Liria Dominguez, María Reyna; Yépez García, Martha Cecilia; Herrera Cuenca, Marianella; Rigotti, Attilio; Guajardo, Viviana; Zalcman Zimberg, Ioná; Murillo Solís, Ana Gabriela (2019-08)
      Underreporting and overreporting of energy intake (EI) have been recognized as potential sources of bias. Dietary data mainly rely on proxy respondents, but little is known about the determinants of misreporting of EI among ...
    • Socioeconomic status impact on diet quality and body mass index in eight Latin American countries: ELANS study results 

      Gómez Salas, Georgina; Kovalskys, Irina; Leme, Ana Carolina Barco; Quesada Quesada, Dayana; Rigotti, Attilio; Cortés Sanabria, Lilia Yadira; Yépez García, Martha Cecilia; Liria Dominguez, María Reyna; Herrera Cuenca, Marianella; Mara Fisberg, Regina; Previdelli, Ágatha Nogueira; Guajardo, Viviana; Ferrari, Gerson Luis Morais; Fisberg, Mauro; Brenes Sáenz, Juan Carlos; Latin American Study of Nutrition and Health (ELANS) (2021-07-14)
      Poor health and diet quality are associated with living within a low socioeconomic status (SES). This study aimed to investigate the impact of SES on diet quality and body mass index in Latin America. Data from the “Latin ...