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    • Unity makes strength: exploring intra and interspecies toxin synergism between phospholipases A2 and cytotoxins 

      Pucca, Manuela Berto; Ahmadi, Shirin; Cerni, Felipe A.; Ledsgaard, Line; Sørensen, Christoffer V.; McGeoghan, Farrell T. S.; Stewart, Trenton; Schoof, Erwin; Lomonte, Bruno; Keller, Ulrich auf dem; Arantes, Eliane C.; Caliskan, Figen; Laustsen, Andreas Hougaard (2020)
      Toxin synergism is a complex biochemical phenomenon, where different animal venom proteins interact either directly or indirectly to potentiate toxicity to a level that is above the sum of the toxicities of the individual ...