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    • Oomycete Species Associated with Soybean Seedlings in North America—Part II: Diversity and Ecology in Relation to Environmental and Edaphic Factors 

      Rojas, Jorge Alejandro; Jacobs, Janette L.; Napieralski, Stephanie; Karaj, Behirda; Bradley, Carl Alan; Chase, Thomas; Esker, Paul D.; Giesler, Loren J.; Jardine, Doug J.; Malvick, Dean K.; Markell, Samuel G.; Nelson, Berlin D.; Robertson, Alison E.; Rupe, John C.; Smith, Damon L.; Sweets, Laura E.; Tenuta, Albert U.; Wise, Kiersten Alane; Chilvers, Martin I. (2017)
      Soybean (Glycine max (L.) Merr.) is produced across a vast swath of North America, with the greatest concentration in the Midwest. Root rot diseases and damping-off are a major concern for production, and the primary causal ...