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    • Macradenia R.Br. 

      Pupulin, Franco; Karremans Lok, Adam Philip (2020)
      Descripción de Macradenia R.Br.
    • Macroclinium Barb Rodr. 

      Pupulin, Franco (2023-02)
      Se proporciona una revisión taxonómica del género Macroclinum para la Flora Mesoamericana.
    • Macroecology of high-elevation myxomycete assemblages in the northern Neotropics 

      Rojas Alvarado, Carlos Alonso; Stephenson, Steven L.; Huxel, Gary R. (2010)
      A number of recent studies have been directed towards developing a more complete understanding of myxomycete ecology throughout the world. However, the lack of comparative data obtained using standard methodologies makes ...
    • Macroinvertebrates as indicators in tropical streams with different land use in southern Costa Rica 

      Duschek, Verena G.; Springer Springer, Monika; Niedrist, Georg H.; Füreder, Leopold (2019)
      Costa Rica is one of the countries with the highest species richness worldwide and forms an important land bridge between North and South America. In the past, Costa Rica suffered from deforestation due to conversion of ...
    • Madres ancestrales 

      Meléndez Obando, Mauricio O. (2012-09)
      El ADN mitocondrial que portamos todos los seres humanos lo recibimos en herencia, exclusivamente, de nuestra madre. De lo que se deduce que nuestra progenitora lo recibió de su madre, quien, a su vez, lo heredó de la suya, ...
    • Making the invisible visible: methods to enhance features of tiny spider webs 

      Solano Brenes, Diego; Miranda Garnier, Ximena; Barrantes Montero, Gilbert (2018)
      The characteristics and designs of webs provide valuable information on ecology, behavior and phylogenetic relationships. Characters are often obtained from detailed analyses of web photographs. We describe new methods to ...
    • Malaxis dressleriana: A new orchid species honoring a botanist for all seasons 

      Chinchilla Alvarado, Isler Fabián; Karremans Lok, Adam Philip; Blanco Coto, Mario Alberto (2023-08)
      The genus Malaxis Sol. ex Sw. comprises about 300 species, predominantly found in pantropical regions with a few in temperate areas of the Americas, Asia, and Europe. Mexico has the highest concentration, with 71 species, ...
    • Malaxis Sw. 

      Chinchilla Alvarado, Isler Fabián; Dressler, Robert L.; Pupulin, Franco (2020-03-31)
      The genus Malaxis was named in 1788 by Olof Swartz. The name was based on malaxo, Greek for “softening,” apparently referring to the soft or delicate leaves. Traditionally Malaxis has been characterized in part by ...
    • Male courtship behavior in Ceratitis Capitata (Diptera: Tephritidae) that have received aromatherapy with ginger root oil 

      Briceño Lobo, Daniel; Eberhard Chabtree, William G.; Shelly, Todd (Florida Entomologist 90(1), 175-179, March 2007, 2007-03)
      The results of previous studies that showed that exposing mass-reared male Mediterranean fruit flies Ceratitis capitata (Wiedemann) to ginger root oil (“aromatherapy”) increases the likelihood of mating with wild females ...
    • Male orientation on vocalization perches could optimize acoustic signal transmission in anurans 

      Sandoval Vargas, Luis Andrés; Barrantes Montero, Gilbert; Protti Sánchez, Francesca; García Rodríguez, Adrián (2020-10-20)
      Acoustic signals are distorted by vegetation, wind currents, or other sounds when transmitted through the environment. Consequently, vocalizations with features that optimize sound transmission or behaviors that improve ...
    • Male song variation of Green Violetear (Colibri thalassinus) in the Talamanca Mountain Range, Costa Rica 

      Barrantes Montero, Gilbert; Sánchez, Carlos; Hilje, Branko; Jaffé, R. (2008)
      We studied variation in acoustic and temporal characteristics of the static male song of the Green Violetear (Colibri thalassinus) in a single population in Costa Rica. The static song of 19 males was extremely variable. ...
    • Manejo exitoso de una inundación en el Herbario USJ de Costa Rica 

      Morales Sánchez, Carlos (2013-12)
      En noviembre de 2007 se rompió una cañería de agua potable en la Escuela de Biología, Universidad de Costa Rica, que provocó una inundación que afectó seriamente el Herbario USJ. Aquí comento las lecciones aprendidas y las ...
    • Mapping estuarine vegetation using satellite imagery: The case of the invasive species Baccharis halimifolia at a Natura 2000 site 

      Calleja Apéstegui, Felipe; Ondiviela, Bárbara; Galván, Cristina; Recio, María; Juanes, José Antonio (2019-02)
      The invasive shrub Baccharis halimifolia is a threat to the environmental health of many estuarine protected areas throughout Europe. It displaces saltmarsh vegetation and creates monospecific stands that diminish the ...
    • Marine Insects 

      Springer Springer, Monika (2008)
      Although insects are one of the most diverse groups of organisms on earth, relatively few species are found associated with marine habitats. The majority of these marine species live in intertidal or coastal habitats and ...
    • Masdevallia coccinea 

      Karremans Lok, Adam Philip; Moreno, Juan Sebastián (2019)
      Masdevallia coccinea is a widely distributed species in the Eastern Cordillera of Colombia, being locally abundant. It is “a most remarkable plant”, with large, bright red flowers. The lateral sepals are tail-less, and the ...
    • Masdevallia encephala 

      Karremans Lok, Adam Philip; Gutiérrez Morales, Nicolás (2017)
      The habit of Masdevallia encephala is quite like any other species of the genus, however, the infated, almost completely fused, sepal blades, and bristle-like tails result in a very unique sub-globose fower. Te name, which ...
    • Masdevallia hortensis 

      Vieira Uribe, Sebastian; Karremans Lok, Adam Philip (2017)
      Masdevallia hortensis is similar to most other species of Masdevallia subgenus Meleagris, it can be distinguished by the callus at the apex of the dorsal sepal and the revolute, white, lateral sepals with a red-purple mid ...
    • Masdevallia Leonor-baeziana (Pleurothallidinae): a New Species from the Andean-Amazonian Foothills of Caquetá, Colombia 

      Perdomo, Oscar; Trujillo Trujillo, Edwin; Karremans Lok, Adam Philip (2023-05-24)
      We describe and illustrate a new species of Masdevallia from the Andean-Amazonian foothills of Caquetá, Colombia. Masdevallia leonor-baeziana belongs to Masdevallia subsect. Saltatrices, within the M. constricta group. It ...
    • Masdevallia luerorum (Orchidaceae: Pleurothallidinae), a new species from Costa Rica 

      Bogarín Chaves, Diego Gerardo; Oses Salas, Lizbeth; Smith Martin, Christina Marie (2017)
      Masdevallia luerorum from the southern Pacific region of Costa Rica is described and illustrated. It resembles M. lata, but differs in the single flowered inflorescence, the shorter sepals, the broad and cylindrical sepaline ...