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    • Deciphering key processes controlling rainfall isotopic variability during extreme tropical cyclones 

      Sánchez Murillo, Ricardo; Durán Quesada, Ana María; Esquivel Hernández, Germain; Rojas Cantillano, Daniela; Birkel Dostal, Christian; Welsh, Kristen; Sánchez Llull, Minerva; Alonso Hernández, Carlos M.; Tetzlaff, Doerthe; Soulsby, Chris; Boll, Jan; Kurita, Naoyuki; Cobb, Kim M. (2019)
      The Mesoamerican and Caribbean (MAC) region is characterized by tropical cyclones (TCs), strong El Niño-Southern Oscillation events, and climate variability that bring unique hazards to socio-ecological systems. Here we ...
    • Headwaters drive streamflow and lowland tracer export in a large‐scale humid tropical catchment 

      Birkel Dostal, Christian; Correa Barahona, Alicia; Martínez Martínez, Marco Antonio; Granados Bolaños, Sebastián; Venegas Cordero, Nelson; Gutiérrez García, Kenneth; Blanco Ramírez, Sara; Quesada Mora, Rafael; Solano Rivera, Vanessa; Mussio Mora, Jason; Chavarría Palma, Andrés; Vargas Arias, Katherine; Moore, Georgianne W.; Durán Quesada, Ana María; Vasquez Morera, Javier; Soulsby, Chris; Tetzlaff, Doerthe; Espinoza Cisneros, Edgar; Sánchez Murillo, Ricardo (2020)
      Headwaters are generally assumed to contribute the majority of water to downstream users, but how much water, of what quality and where it is generated are rarely known in the humid tropics. Here, using monthly monitoring ...
    • Spatially distributed tracer‐aided modelling to explore water and isotope transport, storage and mixing in a pristine, humid tropical catchment 

      Dehaspe, Joni; Tetzlaff, Doerthe; Sánchez Murillo, Ricardo; Durán Quesada, Ana María; Soulsby, Chris; Birkel Dostal, Christian (2018)
      Rapidly transforming headwater catchments in the humid tropics provide important resources for drinking water, irrigation, hydropower, and ecosystem connectivity. However, such resources for downstream use remain unstudied. ...