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    • Five Hundred Years of Hydrological Drought in the Upper Colorado River Basin 

      Timilsena, Janak; Piechota, Thomas C.; Hidalgo León, Hugo G.; Tootle, Glenn (2007-06)
      This article evaluates drought scenarios of the Upper Colorado River basin (UCRB) considering multiple drought variables for the past 500 years and positions the current drought in terms of the magnitude and frequency. ...
    • The Western U.S. Drought: How Bad Is It? 

      Piechota, Thomas C.; Timilsena, Janak; Tootle, Glenn; Hidalgo León, Hugo G. (2014-08-10)
      Historical stream flow records and the forecast for 2004 make the current (1999–2004) drought in the southwestern United States the worst one in the past 80 years for portions of the Upper Colorado River Basin (UCRB). For ...