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    • Dengue model with early-life stage of vectors and age-structure within host 

      Sánchez Peña, Fabio Ariel; Calvo Alpízar, Juan Gabriel (2019-12)
      We construct an epidemic model for the transmission of dengue fever with an early-life stage in the vector dynamics and age-structure within hosts. The early-life stage of the vector is modeled via a general function that ...
    • Transmission dynamics of Dengue in Costa Rica: The role of hospitalizations 

      Sánchez Peña, Fabio Ariel; Arroyo Esquivel, Jorge; Vásquez Brenes, Paola Andrea (2019-12)
      For decades, dengue virus has caused major problems for public health officials in tropical and subtropical countries around the world. We construct a compartmental model that includes the role of hospitalized individuals ...