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    • A brief survey of Higgs bundles 

      Zúñiga Rojas, Ronald Alberto (2019-06)
      Considering a compact Riemann surface of genus greater or equal than two, a Higgs bundle is a pair composed of a holomorphic bundle over the Riemann surface, joint with an auxiliar vector field, so-called Higgs field. This ...
    • Variations of Hodge Structures of Rank Three k-Higgs Bundles and Moduli Spaces of Holomorphic Triples 

      Zúñiga Rojas, Ronald Alberto (2020)
      There is an isomorphism between the moduli spaces of σ-stable holomorphic triples and some of the critical submanifolds of the moduli space of k-Higgs bundles of rank three, whose elements (E, ϕk ) correspond to variations ...