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    • Stratifications on the Moduli Space of Higgs Bundles 

      Zúñiga Rojas, Ronald Alberto; Beier Gothen, Peter (2016-11-02)
      The moduli space of Higgs bundles has two stratifications. The Bia lynickiBirula stratification comes from the action of the non-zero complex numbers by multiplication on the Higgs field, and the Shatz stratification arises ...
    • Stratifications on the Nilpotent Cone of the moduli space of Hitchin pairs 

      Beier Gothen, Peter; Zúñiga Rojas, Ronald Alberto (2020)
      We consider the problem of finding the limit at infinity (corresponding to the downward Morse flow) of a Higgs bundle in the nilpotent cone under the natural C ∗ -action on the moduli space. For general rank we provide ...