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    • Synthesis and biological evaluation of novel ferrocene–naphthoquinones as antiplasmodial agents 

      García Barrantes, Pedro M.; Lamoureux Lamontagne, Guy; Pérez Sánchez, Alice Lorena; García Sánchez, Rory N.; Martínez, Antonio R.; San Feliciano, Arturo (2013-12)
      This work deals with the synthesis and evaluation of new compounds designed by combination of 1,4-naphthoquinone and ferrocene fragments in a 3-ferrocenylmethyl-2-hydroxy-1,4-naphthoquinone arrangement. A practical coupling ...
    • Synthesis of Iodinated Naphthoquinones Using Morpholine-Iodine Complex 

      Pérez Sánchez, Alice Lorena; Lamoureux Lamontagne, Guy; Herrera Echeverría, Adelita (Synthetic Communications Vol. 34, No. 18, pp. 3389–3397, 2004, 2004)
      The efficient synthesis of 2‐hydroxy‐3‐iodo‐1,4‐naphthoquinone (3), 2‐amino‐3‐iodo‐1,4‐naphthoquinone (4), and 2‐iodo‐1,4‐naphthoquinone (5) have been developed using the parent naphthoquinone in combination with the ...