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    • Hierarchical spatial patterns in Caribbean reef benthic assemblages 

      Williams, Stacey M.; Chollett, Iliana; Roff, George; Cortés Núñez, Jorge; Dryden, Charlie S.; Mumby, Peter J. (2015)
      Aim: Coral assemblages on Caribbean reefs have largely been considered to be biogeographically homogeneous at a regional scale. We reassess this in three taxa (corals, sponges and octocorals) using three community attributes ...
    • Importance of differentiating Orbicella reefs from gorgonian plains for ecological assessments of Caribbean reefs 

      Williams, Stacey M.; Mumby, Peter J.; Chollett, Iliana; Cortés Núñez, Jorge (2015)
      Region-wide assessments of coral cover typically rely on meta-analyses of small-scale ecological studies which have combined different coral reef habitats. This is particularly problematic on forereefs where at least 2 ...
    • Widespread local chronic stressors in Caribbean coastal habitats 

      Chollett, Iliana; Collin, Rachel; Bastidas, Carolina; Cróquer, Aldo; Gayle, Peter M. H.; Jordán Dahlgren, Eric; Patterson, Heather M.; Koltes, Karen H.; Oxenford, Hazel A.; Rodríguez Ramírez, Alberto; Weil, Ernesto; Alemu I., Jahson B.; Bone, David; Buchan, Kenneth C.; Creary Ford, Marcia; Escalante Mancera, Edgar; Garzón Ferreira, Jaime; Guzmán Espinal, Héctor M.; Kjerfve, Björn; Klein Salas, Eduardo; McCoy, Croy; Potts, Arthur C.; Ruíz Rentería, Francisco; Smith, Struan R.; Tschirky, John J.; Cortés Núñez, Jorge (2017)
      Coastal ecosystems and the livelihoods they support are threatened by stressors acting at global and local scales. Here we used the data produced by the Caribbean Coastal Marine Productivity program (CARICOMP), the longest, ...