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    • Marine Biodiversity of Eastern Tropical Pacific Coral Reefs 

      Cortés Núñez, Jorge; Enochs, Ian C.; Sibaja Cordero, Jeffrey Alejandro; Hernández, Luis; Alvarado Barrientos, Juan José; Breedy Shadid, Odalisca; Cruz Barraza, José Antonio; Esquivel Garrote, Octavio; Fernández García, Cindy; Hermosillo, Alicia; Kaiser, Kirstie L.; Medina Rosas, Pedro; Morales Ramírez, Álvaro; Pacheco, Cristian; Pérez Matus, Alejandro; Reyes Bonilla, Héctor; Riosmena Rodríguez, Rafael; Sánchez Noguera, Celeste; Wieters, Evie A.; Zapata, Fernando A. (2017)
      The eastern tropical Pacific (ETP) is an isolated oceanic region exposed to extreme oceanographic conditions, including low salinity, low pH, high temperatures during El Niño, and low temperatures during La Niña and seasonal ...
    • Simulated overfishing and natural eutrophication promote the relative success of a non-indigenous ascidian in coral reefs at the Pacific coast of Costa Rica 

      Roth, Florian; Stuhldreier, Ines; Sánchez Noguera, Celeste; Carvalho, Susana; Wild, Christian (2017)
      Colonial ascidians of the genus Didemnum are common fouling organisms and are typically associated with degraded ecosystems and anthropogenic structures installed in the sea. In this study, however, the non-indigenous ...