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    • Fixed-Nitrogen Loss Associated with Sinking Zooplankton Carcasses in a Coastal Oxygen Minimum Zone (Golfo Dulce, Costa Rica) 

      Stief, Peter; Lundgaard, Ann Sofie Birch; Morales Ramírez, Álvaro; Thamdrup, Bo; Glud, Ronnie N. (2017)
      Oxygen minimum zones (OMZs) in the ocean are of key importance for pelagic fixed-nitrogen loss (N-loss) through microbial denitrification and anaerobic ammonium oxidation (anammox). Recent studies document that zooplankton ...
    • NC10 bacteria in marine oxygen minimum zones 

      Padilla, Cory Cruz; Bristow, Laura Anne; Sarode, Neha; Garcia Robledo, Emilio; Gómez Ramírez, Eddy; Benson, Catherine R.; Bourbonnais, Annie; Altabet, Mark A.; Girguis, Peter R.; Thamdrup, Bo; Stewart, Frank J. (2016-08-10)
      Bacteria of the NC10 phylum link anaerobic methane oxidation to nitrite denitrification through a unique O2-producing intra-aerobic methanotrophy pathway. A niche for NC10 in the pelagic ocean has not been confirmed. We ...