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    • Effects of Seasonal Upwelling on Inorganic and Organic Matter Dynamics in the Water Column of Eastern Pacific Coral Reefs 

      Stuhldreier, Ines; Sánchez Noguera, Celeste; Rixen, Tim; Cortés Núñez, Jorge; Morales Ramírez, Álvaro; Wild, Christian (2015-11)
      The Gulf of Papagayo at the northern Pacific coast of Costa Rica experiences pronounced seasonal changes in water parameters caused by wind-driven coastal upwelling. While remote sensing and open water sampling already ...
    • Seasonal changes of the microplankton community along a tropical estuary 

      Seguro Requejo, Isabel; García Jiménez, Carlos Manuel; Papaspyrou, Sokratis; Gálvez Lorente, José Ángel; García Robledo, Emilio Guillermo; Navarro Almendros, Gabriel; Soria Píriz, Sara; Aguilar, Virgina; Lizano Rodríguez, Omar Gerardo; Morales Ramírez, Álvaro; Corzo Rodríguez, Alfonso (2015-11)
      Microplankton organisms are an important link in the transfer of matter and energy between the benthic–pelagic microbial food web and higher trophic levels in estuaries. Although tropical estuaries are among the most ...