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    • Global Human Footprint on the Linkage between Biodiversity and Ecosystem Functioning in Reef Fishes 

      Mora, Camilo; Aburto Oropeza, Octavio; Ayala Bocos, Arturo; Ayotte, Paula M.; Banks, Stuart; Bauman, Andrew G.; Beger, Maria; Bessudo, Sandra; Booth, David J.; Brokovich, Eran; Brooks, Andrew; Chabanet, Pascale; Cinner, Joshua E.; Cortés Núñez, Jorge; Cruz Motta, Juan José; Cupul Magaña, Amilcar Levi; DeMartini, Edward E.; Edgar, Graham J.; Feary, David A.; Ferse, Sebastian C. A.; Friedlander, Alan M.; Gaston, Kevin J.; Gough, Charlotte; Graham, Nicholas A. J.; Green, Alison; Guzmán Espinal, Héctor M.; Hardt, Marah J.; Kulbicki, Michel; Letourneur, Yves; López Pérez, Andrés; Loreau, Michel; Loya, Yossi; Martínez Iglesias, Camilo Ernesto; Mascareñas Osorio, Ismael; Morove, Tau; Nadon, Marc Olivier; Nakamura, Yohei; Paredes Ríos, Gustavo; Polunin, Nicholas V. C.; Pratchett, Morgan S.; Reyes Bonilla, Héctor; Rivera, Fernando; Sala, Enric; Sandin, Stuart A.; Soler, German; Stuart Smith, Rick D.; Tessier, Emmanuel; Tittensor, Derek P.; Tupper, Mark; Usseglio, Paolo; Vigliola, Laurent; Wantiez, Laurent; Williams, Ivor; Wilson, Shaun K.; Zapata, Fernando A. (2011)
      Difficulties in scaling up theoretical and experimental results have raised controversy over the consequences of biodiversity loss for the functioning of natural ecosystems. Using a global survey of reef fish assemblages, ...
    • Polychaetes associated with decaying wood in Térraba mangrove, South Pacific, Costa Rica 

      Sibaja Cordero, Jeffrey Alejandro; Echeverría Sáenz, Silvia (2015)
      The present study shows spatial patterns in the faunal assemblage of decaying wood and sediments, with emphasis on the polychaetes. The survey was executed across a salinity gradient in a tropical mangrove estuary of Costa ...
    • Reef flattening effects on total richness and species responses in the Caribbean 

      Newman, Steven P.; Meesters, Erik H.; Dryden, Charlie S.; Williams, Stacey M.; Sánchez, Cristina; Mumby, Peter J.; Polunin, Nicholas V. C. (2015-09-06)
      1. There has been ongoing flattening of Caribbean coral reefs with the loss of habitat having severe implications for these systems. Complexity and its structural components are important to fish species richness and ...