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    • Monitoring Workload and Performance Response to Taekwondo Training 

      Carazo Vargas, Pedro; González Ravé, José María; Moncada Jiménez, José; González Mohíno Mayoralas, Fernando; Barragán Castellanos, Rubén (2017)
      This study compared the association between Foster’s and Banister’s TRIMP methods for quantifying internal training load and training stimuli responses. Methods: A group of twenty-two Taekwondo competitors were divided ...
    • Periodization Model for Costa Rican Taekwondo Athletes 

      Carazo Vargas, Pedro; González Ravé, José María; Newton, Robert U.; Moncada Jiménez, José (2015-06)
      The purpose of this article is to describe the conditioning of elite taekwondo competitors based on the block-periodized training model. this model of periodization has been used by the Costa Rican National Taekwondo Team ...