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    • A Comparison of Nutritional Habits, Physical Function and Psychological Constructs between Urban and Rural Costa Rican Older Adults 

      Serrano Moreno, Walter; Salazar Villanea, Mónica; Ortega Araya, Luis Enrique; Johnson, David K.; Chacón Araya, Yamileth; Moncada Jiménez, José (2019)
      Purpose: To compare nutritional habits, physical function and psychological constructs between Costa Rican older adults from urban and rural zones. Methods: Male and female older adults aged ≥ 65 yr. from urban (n = 185) ...
    • Evaluation of pre-game hydration status, heat stress, and fluid balance during professional soccer competition in the heat 

      Aragón Vargas, Luis Fernando; Moncada Jiménez, José; Hernández Elizondo, Jessenia; Barrenechea C., Alvaro; Monge Alvarado, María de los Ángeles (European Journal of Sport Science 9(5). 2009, 2009-09)
      This study evaluated initial hydration status (stadium arrival urine specific gravity), fluid balance (pre- and post-game nude body weight, fluid intake, urine collection), and core temperature changes (pre-game, half-time, ...
    • Nutrition for young soccer players 

      Umaña Alvarado, Mónica (International Journal of Soccer and Science, v.3(1):12-22, 2005, 2005)
      The growing participation of young people in soccer is a motivation so that the trainers, physical educators and parents know which are the special requirements to practice this sport in a safe manner, specially the ...