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    • C-20 Cardiorespiratory Fitness Predicts Processing Speed Performance in Urban Latin Americans 

      Alioto, Anthony; Conde, Karina; Salazar Villanea, Mónica; Moncada Jiménez, José; Cahn-Weiner, Deborah; Johnson, David K. (2019-07-29)
      Objective There is evidence that cardiorespiratory fitness (CRF) protects against age-related declines in processing speed (PS), but studies investigating older adults living in low and middle-income countries are lacking. ...
    • Fitness and cognitive performance in urban Latin Americans 

      Salazar Villanea, Mónica; Moncada Jiménez, José; Garnier Villareal, Mauricio; Liebmann, Edward; Montenegro Montenegro, Esteban; Vidoni, Eric D.; Johnson, David K. (2016)
      Our group recently conducted a randomized clinical trial in US dwelling older adults that indicated increasing cardiorespiratory fitness (measured by VO2 peak on treadmill) resulted in better visuospatial cognition ...
    • Impact of social support on cognitive vascular risk factors in latino older adults 

      Conde, Karina; Alioto, Anthony; Cahn-Weiner, Deborah; Salazar Villanea, Mónica; Moncada Jiménez, José; Johnson, David K. (2019-11-15)
      Objective: Central Americans have a cardiovascular disease (CVD) health advantage, as they are half as likely to carry CVD as European Americans, despite having an equivalent degree of vascular risk factors (VRFs). We ...