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    • Caribbean-Wide, Long-Term Study of Seagrass Beds Reveals Local Variations, Shifts in Community Structure and Occasional Collapse 

      van Tussenbroek, Brigitta I.; Cortés Núñez, Jorge; Collin, Rachel; Fonseca Escalante, Ana Cecilia; Gayle, Peter M. H.; Guzmán Espinal, Héctor M.; Jácome, Gabriel E.; Juman, Rahanna; Koltes, Karen H.; Oxenford, Hazel A.; Rodríguez Ramírez, Alberto; Samper Villarreal, Jimena; Smith, Struan R.; Tschirky, John J.; Weil, Ernesto; Hewitt, Judi (2014)
      The CARICOMP monitoring network gathered standardized data from 52 seagrass sampling stations at 22 sites (mostly Thalassia testudinum-dominated beds in reef systems) across the Wider Caribbean twice a year over the period ...