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    • Brucella abortus Induces the Premature Death of Human Neutrophils through the Action of Its Lipopolysaccharide 

      Barquero Calvo, Elías; Mora Cartín, Ricardo; Arce Gorvel, Vilma; de Diego, Juana L.; Chacón Díaz, Carlos; Chaves Olarte, Esteban; Guzmán Verri, Caterina; Buret, Andre G.; Gorvel, Jean Pierre; Moreno Robles, Edgardo (2015-05-06)
      Most bacterial infections induce the activation of polymorphonuclear neutrophils (PMNs), enhance their microbicidal function, and promote the survival of these leukocytes for protracted periods of time. Brucella abortus ...
    • The Bacterial Product Violacein Exerts an Immunostimulatory Effect Via TLR8 

      Venegas Solís, Francisco A.; Köllisch, Gabriele; Mark, Kerstin; Diederich, Wibke E.; Kaufmann, Andreas; Bauer, Stefan; Chavarría Vargas, Max; Araya Barrantes, Juan José; García Piñeres, Alfonso J. (2019)
      Violacein, an indole-derived, purple-colored natural pigment isolated from Chromobacterium violaceum has shown multiple biological activities. In this work, we studied the effect of violacein in different immune cell lines, ...