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    • Call for a change in research funding priorities: the example of mental health in Costa Rica 

      Contreras Rojas, Javier; Raventós Vorst, Henriette; Rodríguez Arauz, Gloriana; Leandro Rojas, Mauricio (2014)
      The World Health Organization (WHO) Mental Health Action Plan 2013-2020 urges its Member States to strengthen leadership in mental health, ensure mental and social health interventions in community-based settings, promote ...
    • El cólera en la Costa Rica de 1856 

      Mata Jiménez, Leonardo (1992-02)
      La segunda pandemia del cólera que se iniciara en 1829 en en la India, llego a las Américas y atacó México, Guatemala, Nicaragua y Panamá. No se tiene noticia de que en esa ocasión el cólera llegara a Costa Rica, lo cual ...
    • D-Loop mtDNA deletion as a Unique marker of chibchan Ameridians [resumen] 

      Santos Pasamontes, María; Barrantes Mesén, Ramiro (1994)
      Carta al editor. Torroni et al. (1993) presented an extensive restriction-site analysis of Native American mtDNAs from 17 widely dis- tributed Na-Dene and Amerindian tribes. For sometime we have been analyzing mtDNA control ...
    • Facind AIDS in Costa Rica 

      Mata Jiménez, Leonardo (1988-03)
      The 1st AIDS case was diagnosed in Costa Rica in 1985. By January 1988, 47 cases were recorded. Most cases are in hemophiliacs and homosexuals; one is in the heterosexual partner of a hemophiliac. 55% of hemophiliacs in ...
    • Global overview of injecting drug use and HIV infection 

      McCoy, Clyde B.; Rodríguez, Frank (lancet 265 p. 1008-1009, 2005-03-19)
      Late in 2004, Carmen Aceijas and colleagues, on behalf of the United Nations Reference Group on HIV/AIDS Prevention and Care among IDU in Developing and Transitional Countries, presented global estimates of the prevalence ...
    • How harmful is diarrhoea? 

      Mata Jiménez, Leonardo (1986-04)
      Apart from the physical suffering and deaths that they cause at the individual and family level, diarrhoeal diseases also play a negative role in national development
    • Not just the lack of food 

      Mata Jiménez, Leonardo (1977)
      Whose who are familiar with rural areas of developing nations are often amazed to tind malnourished children in families where food is available in amounts sufficient to ensure an adequate diet. There may seem to be plenty ...
    • Pacientes con cáncer merecen una mejor calidad de vida 

      Fonseca Calvo, María Eugenia (Revista Crisol, n. 12, p. 21-23, 2004, 2004)
      El amor, la alimentación sana, la comprensión, la compañía de su familia, la esperanza y la fe, son básicos para que los pacientes con cáncer tengan una mejor calidad de vida. Así se desprende de una serie de talleres ...