Physicochemical characterization of therapeutic peloids from the surroundings of Costa Rica Arenal Volcano




Madrigal Redondo, German
Vargas Zúñiga, Rolando
Carazo Berrocal, Gustavo
Ramírez Arguedas, Nils Antonio

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Costa Rica is a volcanic country, containing a variety of peloids with different physicochemical properties; also its main source of income is the tourism. Most of their abundant natural resources have not been characterized and even used yet, this need offer the opportunity to study the physicochemical characteristics of peloids near the Arenal Volcano which may be related to its therapeutic properties, despite of this is a tourist attraction area characterized by hot springs, hotels and spas, it has a low socioeconomic and industrial development, and industrialization of products would create new jobs, and promote the health and wellness tourism, producing a productive linkage. Objective The physicochemical characterization of the Peloids near the Arenal Volcano Costa Rica and relate them to their therapeutic properties. Methods Peloids were characterized by tests such as pH, rheology, density, DSC, X-ray diffraction and thermal conductivity. Results and conclusions Peloids where characterized primarily as kandites billaminars, with a thixotropic flow, high in Fe2O3 , Al2O3, SIO2, Na2O, TiO2, ZrO2 minerals, an acid 4,70 pH, allowing them for the formulation of masks and other anti-psoriasis and anti-acne pharmaceutical forms.


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Hot Springs, Physicochemical Properties, Cosmetics, Social Development, Microenterprise, Peloids, SMEs, Link Partner Enterprise-University-Society