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    • Child malnutrition and deprivation - observations in Guatemala and Costa Rica 

      Mata Jiménez, Leonardo (Food and Nutrition, 6(2), 7-14, 1980)
      Traditional populations consisting of small tribal groups living in close contact with nature may be virtually free from endemic malnutrition owing to the relative absence of infectious diseases. Transition toward ...
    • Interactions of malnutrition and infection 

      Mata Jiménez, Leonardo (Arab World Printing House. In: Practical approaches to combat malnutrition with special reference to mothers and children. Cairo, Egypt. May 25-29, 1977. N.S. Scrimshaw y M. Gabr (editors). Ministry of Health, Cairo, Egypt, Arab World Printing House, Egypt, p.134-144, 1979., 1979-05)
      It is impossible and impracticable to separate health problems from their environmental causes. Thus, a quick glance at the present world distribution of famine and of severe and chronic malnutrition reveals a concentration ...