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    Regulation, representation and experience of the female athletic body: Three ways of seeing the women on the ring
    (2014-12-20 16:53:40) Delgado, Catalina
    The aim of this article is to summarize the literature on the sporting body in the field of Anthropology, with special regard on the incursion of women in the traditionally “masculine” combat sports such as boxing. The text is organized according to the different approaches to body and sports culture used by social scientists. The first two sections of our review of literature shall tackle this subject from an exterior perspective by exposing the various mechanisms regulating bodies in sports and by showing in which forms the sporting body is represented and depicted within a capitalist society. For the third part of this article, I shall adopt an internal perspective focusing on the lived experience as a learning process for the body and as an appropriate method for researching the sporting body
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    The ceramic heritage on the Nicoya Peninsula: Persistence of a tradition
    (2014-12-20 16:53:40) Weil, Jim; Herrera Villalobos, Anayensy
    Documentation of the manufacture of three types of ceramic pieces in San Vicente de Nicoya supports inferences about continuities and changes in raw materials, tools, techniques, organization of work, styles and uses. The findings serve the purposes of archaeologists, historians and ethnologists looking for elements of ancient and more recent artisan traditions which still are practiced in the present. Such interdisciplinary research contributes to the preservation and reinforcement of the local cultural heritage.
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    The other in the etnographic view. Guatemala (1920-1950)
    (2014-12-20 16:53:40) Alvarenga Venutolo, Patricia
    This article analizes different representations of Indian communities in the Altiplano Guatemalteco during the fist half of the twentieth century. It explores the prospectives that German and Northamerican antrophologists utilized for explaining the cultural characteristics of these populations.These pages also includes the study of an antropologist from Guatemala: Antonio Goubaud Carrera, who was linked both to the northamerican antrophology and the Guatemalan Revolution from 1944, which proposed the Indian integration to the citizenship. This study is based on the analize of texts written by our subjets of study and it is looking for offer a critical prospectives of their visions, founded on positions of power which generate enormous distances among who observe and who is observed
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    Organizations towards life: Mutual relations among peddlers in San José from the popular economy perspective
    (2014-12-20 16:53:40) Solís, Nancy
    Starting from the concept of popular economics, this work aims to bring the reader into the daily life of San José peddlers. Sharing with them experiences in their work spaces and by a review of its historical memory, it is concluded that street vending is not only an alternative to exclusive conditions of formal economy. It is more an inherited practice, which is enjoyed most of the times and remains on the chaotically - organized San José streets, despite the harsh circumstances